velociraptor are hostile raptor and first enemies you kill them use 45 pistol.they appear two and yellow.white.these are smallest enemies rather than they cousin deinonychus and utahraptor.these three raptor take more damage as they all are all not same by size.deinoychus are enemies found almost all level being the main deinonychus is the most weakest and common raptor in the game.brown deinonychus appear in level 13 the final piece being the main enemies.other way they are second deinonychus is strongest first appear in sinking feeling and the main enemies of vortex easily kill the deinonychus use the light machine gun and remember as the adrealine to show and shot into organ.keep a distance from green one and other gun that good kill it is shotgun or futuristic shotgun.utahraptor are largest raptor you will encouter being the mini appear in following level.far from shore,far from home where it appear as final boss.out of frying appear two being the final boss and be extra carefull.escaping is main enemies and only enemies in that also appear four .once you reach that level you will be quickly fight two utahraptor at once.once you kill them both head forward and pick up your crossbow but be carefull because there are two utahraptor not far than 10 yard!.kill them both and you win.

Sub boss:

there are also a boss fight against large amounts of velociraptor at once.

you will be in a turret and your duty is to defeat them all.

boss name:velociraptor packs

hit points:kill all velociraptor

strenght:they can attacks with multlipley raptor

weekness:they are weak.

weak points:evey body.

how to defeat:okay,this is a sub bosses so no extra worry!just kill all raptor.t

how many time fought:1