Model 1855 Rifle
Model 1855 Rifle

Ammo Per Round

6, 9(When Upgraded)





Level Appearances

Far From Shore, Far From Home

Rate of Fire


Rate of Reload


The Model 1855 Rifle is one of the first guns to appear in the game. It is black and has a steady aim while firing. The rate of fire is only a six to nine shots and goes pretty quickly. The reload is a bit slow, but fast, because Craig Dylan has to open the barrel, reload, and pull the rod out of the back, and then push it back in. All in all, the Model 1855 Rifle is a ok gun, it has trouble bringing down the Utah Raptor. It is one of the more powerful weapons in the game, at least to dinosaurs smaller than the Utah Raptor.


  • The Model 1855 Rifle supposedly appeared from the past to the present because of the time worps on the island.


Model 1855 Rifle

Model 1855 Rifle

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