30-06 Rifle
30-06 Rifle

Ammo Per Round

20, 30(When Upgraded)





Level Appearances

Code: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Sinking Feeling, Vortex Zero

Rate of Fire


Rate of Reload


The 30-06 Rifle is the second weapon you are able to obtain in the game. It first appears before you go to the headset to talk to Rock. It is found in an Ammo Box near the vortex. This gun is one of the many automatics to appear in the game. The color of the weapon is black and has some wooden finishes on it. This gun is a great weapon to use against many dinosaurs that attack you at the same time. It carries twenty bullets originally, but when upgraded, it holds thirty bullets in which gives you an advantage of the dinosaurs.


30-06 Rifle

The 30-06 in an Ammo Box

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