.45 Pistol
.45 Pistol

Ammo Per Round

8, 12(When Upgraded)





Level Appearances

Code: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Out of the Frying Pan

Rate of Fire


Rate of Reload


The .45 Pistol is the first weapon you will pick up in the game. The guns features include the color being silver and has a steady aim while firing. Although the .45 Pistol only holds eight bullets to twelve, it sill can shoot quickly, but depends on the how fast the player presses the shoot button. This gun reloads pretty quickly but can only take down the smaller raptors in a few shots. Most likely it can not kill the Deinonychus in one shot. In the overview, this gun is okay to carry to kill smaller dinosaurs.


.45 Pistol

The .45 Pistol

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